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The Romance. The Magic. The Shoes

"A BIG SUMPTUOUS MUSICAL that will bring back a tad of what Broadway has forgotten about. Head back to your childhood and go see this GLORIOUS CINDERELLA. Everything about this show is fabulous. I loved it, you will love it, and the kids will love it!"

̶̶ WOR Radio

The score remains nothing less than HEART-STOPPING.  It delivers a wallop of a kind unique to Richard Rodgers’s indelible melodies.  From ‘In My Own Little Corner’ to the jaunty and exciting ‘Impossible’ to the gorgeous love ballad ‘Ten Minutes Ago’ and the hilarious ‘Stepsister’s Lament’, the songs are all as GLORIOUS as you remember them.”

̶̶ The Weekly Standard

"The ultimate and most enduring of makeover shows is back in town, and this CINDERELLA is no passive damsel waiting for a rescuing knight.  She takes charge of her destiny."

̶̶ The New York Times

"EYE-POPPINGLY OPULENT enough to wow any six-year-old at heart!"

-- The New Yorker


-- The Wall Street Journal

"This wised-up, wit-spackled CINDERELLA is as solidly entertaining as they come, featuring ONE OF BROADWAY'S FINEST ENSEMBLES and what might be its couple of the year. Cinderella and her Prince have been reborn!"

̶ New York Magazine

"THRILLING! Never underestimate the power of a ball gown and glass slippers!"

̶ Entertainment Weekly

"A charming, witty and relevant take on the classic story, with TOP-NOTCH SINGING, SUMPTUOUS SONGS and a FIRST-RATE CAST!"

̶ Associated Press

“A delightful Broadway extravaganza CHOCK-FULL OF VISUAL SPECTACLE, elaborate dance numbers, eye-catching scenery, dazzling costumes and A MARVELOUS RODGERS & HAMMERSTEIN SCORE." 

̶ The Record

"CINDERELLA sparkles! This CLEVER and WITTY production should WOW fairytale fans."

̶ Variety

"Love blossoms not just between the lead characters, but also between the audience and the actors."

-- The New York Observer

"LAVISH FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT! Hop the pumpkin carriage and enjoy the ride!" 

̶ Time Out New York

“CINDERELLA casts a MAGICAL spell on kids and adults alike.  Everyone's having a ball!”

̶ NY1


̶ Financial Times

audiences have fallen for cinderella

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"Loved @FranDrescher & @Carlyraejepsen in @CinderellaBway so much I saw it twice w/ my peanut. Fran's here today… can't wait 4 her laugh!"

̶̶ Bethenny Frankel (@Bethenny) on Twitter

"Can’t say enough about Cinderella. It's the new Wicked. It was spectacular."

̶̶ Neil Patrick Harris (@ActuallyNPH) on Twitter

"@carlyraejepsen heard you are the best Cinderella. Nice job. #broadway"

̶̶ Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on Twitter

"The show itself was wonderful. We saw understudy Andy Jones in the role of the Prince and he was fantastic. The orchestra conductor seemed to be having the time of his life. His enthusiasm was contagious right from the overture setting the tone for a very exciting show. The costumes were breathtaking... the magical changes had our jaws dropping and we are still talking about them almost a week later! I went with my mother and we had a "ball." The show isn't just for kids... Would love to go back and see it again!"

̶̶ Amanda F. on Yelp

"Believe in magic. Believe in beauty. Believe in dreams that come true. Indeed, Cinderella was magical and uplifting…. Overall, if you're looking for a great experience and an opportunity to believe once again, Cinderella is a must see on Broadway."

̶̶ Carmen J on TripAdvisor

"Every song, every costume, every dance and moment sparkled and surpassed every expectation. Thank you for the dedication and love you all put into bringing this precious and treasured piece of Broadway history back to life. It was amazing and made the little girl in my heart with eye shadow cinders on her cheeks feel that magic once again."

̶̶ Rachel K., via email

"Okay, this was a REAL Broadway show! You will not be disappointed! The costumes and set were amazing. The costume changes (right in front of your eyes) were magical . . . I still don't know how they do it! The somewhat changed storyline was charming, the live orchestra was priceless and the music wonderful . . . Both the acting and voice quality/projection of Victoria Clark (fairy godmother), Joe Carroll (the prince), and Phumzile Sojola (Lord Pinkerton) were just wonderful. And, let me not forget all of the wonderful dancers. They were Broadway perfect! This performance is so stunning it cancels out any flaws. It deserves five stars and more!"

̶̶ Take T. on Yelp

"Beautiful set and great for anyone at any age to see. I was wondering how the guys in our group would feel watching this show, but they loved it too. The cast was so talented and energetic, and Cinderella looked absolutely gorgeous in her dresses."

̶̶ Toulaphone C. on Yelp

"The best Broadway show I've ever seen - truly the most wonderful afternoon ever. My granddaughter was spell bound. We all were. Could see it again & again. Thank you for precious memories of our trip to New York."

̶̶ Curtiss17 on TripAdvisor

"Great re-do of a time honored classic! Amazing cast - Fran Drescher was perfect as Madame and Carly Rae Jepsen was delightful. The sets were so well-done and I'm still trying to figure out how the costume changes were done. The music was good and our group of adult women from ages 20 - 68 all loved it."

̶̶ Jeddatt1 on TripAdvisor

"What a great afternoon! I just saw Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella on Broadway! Such a beautiful classic...and SO much talent on stage!"

̶̶ Carrie Underwood (@carrieunderwood) on Twitter

"Cinderella is a wonderful show for the entire family. Laura Osnes and Victoria Clark were terrific and seemed so energized and enthusiastic about their performances that you may have believed it was opening night. The orchestrations were full and lush. Richard Rodgers' music is the best on Broadway this season."

̶̶ dc101ga on TripAdvisor

"Guys!!!! @CinderellaBway is SPECTACULAR!!!!!"

̶̶ Megan Hilty (@meganhilty) on Twitter

"The lead was terrific and the plot unmatched. This could be my new favorite show. I cried AT LEAST TWICE. Good cry... great laughs and the little kid loved it. HIGHLY recommend. You will be surprised."

̶̶ legaljacket on TripAdvisor

"@CinderellaBway was SUPERB! Brings back memories when I was Cinderella in San Jose. I hope to find my Prince someday."

̶̶ Anna Perez De Tagle (@AnnaMariaPDT) on Twitter

"This would be a great show for a "1st Broadway Show experience"...beautiful Tony award winning costumes, wonderful R & H songs, classic ballroom dancing, a mean villain, a handsome Prince, some comic relief (step-sisters and Fox & Raccoon), a lovely heroine, and of course what everyone wishes for -- A Fairy Godmother to insure a happy ending for all."

̶̶ J N on TripAdvisor

"Fantastic production, enchanting performances, sweeping orchestration, beautiful costumes, simple yet evocative sets, highly recommend this show." 

̶̶ Lisa B on Yelp

"Whether it's the costumes, book, or music, Cinderella has been revamped and it's better than ever. With a new book by Douglas Carter Beane, Cinderella has a whole new twist, while still working within the core story. All together, Cinderella was, undoubtably, A Lovely Night! :) (P.S. I've seen it 3 times now and I just keep wishing to go back. That's how amazing it is.)"

̶̶ Zoe B on TripAdvisor

"The songs they add tie in seamlessly to the rest, and the plot changes they made are truly empowering to not only Cinderella, but everyone. I enjoyed the changes, especially the acrobatic raccoon and fox! They were amazing! And all the costume changes were done on stage - I was left speechless!" 

̶̶ Bea Z. on Yelp

"Everything about this musical was perfect. The sets were phenomenal and the costumes were magical. I was in awe throughout the entire performance. And every actor and dancer on stage was fantastic. The ensemble was terrific, and Laura Osnes is simply gorgeous and perfect. This is definitely a show for anyone to see, and I hope I can see it again soon."

̶̶ Devin S. on TripAdvisor

"R&H's Cinderella is an absolutely stunning show.....the Tony award winning costumes are gorgeous....especially Cinderella's magical dresses that are part of her magical transformations!! I have seen this show 4 times and hope to go back and see it again soon!!! It is truly a magical night of theater."

̶̶ Alanaharbin on TripAdvisor 

"@CinderellaBway was so wonderful and I am like on cloud 9 best mood ever and a dream come true"

̶̶ Jaime Bell (@Jaimbell) on Twitter 

"It was my first show and I couldn't have been happier. It was fun and romantic. It wasn't your typical Cinderella but that's why I loved it!! AMAZING!"

̶̶ Trudy1991 on TripAdvisor

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